Scenic Rights - Company information

SCENIC RIGHTS is a company from Focus Group, a business corporation with a consolidated presence at the service of artistic creation, managing and encouraging talent, theatre production, managing scenic spaces and also dedicated to the production of Films and TV formats based on dramatic & literary repertoires of great success

SCENIC RIGHTS THEATRE: It’s the leading Agency in the Spanish market, due to the volume of stage productions derived from its licensing management of dramatic & literary works and scripts, warranting the chain of copyright licenses for all scenic productions inside and outside Spain.

SCENIC RIGHTS - SHOWRUNNERS BUYERS CLUB – It’s the leading Audiovisual Agency in the market of content in Spanish for adaptation to cinema and television formats, as well as of TV formats by important creators. This business model is focused on Production Companies, TV Channels and Investors of the audiovisual sector willing to transfer the most successful stories into the audiovisual sector.


Sydney Borjas. Managing Director at SCENIC RIGHTS

Former Director of the Business and Legal Affairs Division at the International Production Company ICAIC, has participated in more than 60 international co-productions between 1995 and 2001. Between 2002 and March 2015, he has been in different positions: Cibermedia (Madrid) for the Ibermedia’s Ibero-American Program Project of furthering the digitalization at the audiovisual sector; Director of Audiovisual Strategy at The Digital Center, in charge of cable TV Channels, as well as the distribution of audiovisual content for TV and cable; General Manager of the Buñuel Institute- Author Foundation and General Manager of Performing Arts at  the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers, SGAE.