Scenic Rights - El fuego invisible - The Invisible Fire (TV Series)

El fuego invisible - The Invisible Fire (TV Series)

Javier Sierra

The most important secret of the humankind is about to be revealed.

David Salas is an auspicious linguist of the Trinity College Dublin that, after arriving in Madrid to spend his holidays, meets with Victoria Goodman, an old friend of his grandparents, and her young assistant, a mysterious art historian.

This fact will interfere in his plans and take him to set up an investigation to find out what happened with one of the students of lady Goodman’s literature course. Surprisingly, the key of the mystery happens to be related to the Grail myth and its linkage with Spain.

Distant Romanic church in the Pyrenees, art collections in Barcelona, old books and strange codes carved in stone merge in a plot full of intrigues that make the audience rethink about the origin of art, literature and every single inspiration.


TOPICS: Conspiration, Intrigue, Riddle, History, Art, Kidnapping, Literature, School, Myth, Grail, Investigation.


GENRE: Thriller, Mystery.


RELEVANT DATA: El fuego invisible is winner of the Premio Planeta. It was written by Javier Sierra, one of the main bestselling authors worldwide. Sierra novels enter the top 10 sales lists in the US and many Spanish-speaking countries after their publication.