Etiqueta: 30s

  • The Palace of Lourizán (El Pazo de Lourizán)

    Fear, threat, silence, and secrets become a lifestyle.   This is the story of a family, divided into three parts and set in the same majestic … Read more

  • The Merchant of Death (El mercader de la muerte)

    The luxurious story of the assistant to the leading weapon trafficker in 20th century Europe.      Monaco, 1930s. Spanish journalist José Ortega travels to Montecarlo … Read more

  • The Spring of Evil (La primavera del mal) – TV Series

    Crime has no limits nor frontiers.   Early 20th century. The Chinese have control of the drug cartel over the border of Mexico and the United … Read more

  • The House of Bernarda Alba (Film)

    8 years of mourning that explodes with the passion of two lovers.   After her second husband’s death, matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes an eight-year rigorous and … Read more

  • Belladonna Academy (Academia Belladonna)

    The assassins’ academy. London, 1930s. Young Duncan Dix receives a letter from the past with a key. The letter is his admittance in the Belladonna Academy, … Read more

  • The Captain’s Daughters (TV Series)

    Three sisters, two worlds, one city. New York, 1936. The family restaurant “El Capitán” opens in the 14th Street, one of the colonial Spanish settlements of … Read more

  • River of Angels

    A city divided by a river. The population separated by their ethnic origins. One bridge as the rallying point. The Rios are an established local family … Read more

  • Year of the Pharaoh

    This story of terror and adventures is set in the 30's, taking as context the universe of H.P. Lovecraft. It tells us how two twins, Lindsay and Eithne, are … Read more

  • The clairvoyant (El mentalista de Hitler)

    Based on a true story, in the pre-Nazi Germany, a seer predicted the fate of a country, but not his own Erick Hanussen lives in the … Read more

  • Filomeno, despite myself

    Filomeno Freijomil or Ademar de Alemcastre, two names for a same character in search of his destiny, and that uses his names depending on the place … Read more

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