Etiqueta: Blackmail

  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • Near You (Cerca de ti)

    Do you trust the person on the other side of the screen?   Since Lola reached adolescence, the only things she shares with her mother, Carla, … Read more

  • The Elites’ Game (El juego de las élites)

    The Elites’ Game | The Elites’ Sentence | The Elites’ Birth What’s the price you’re willing to pay  to be part of the elite?   Bernardo … Read more

  • Saga Sunny Pascal

    Bitter Drink | The Tequila Case | A Handful of Bullets (Trago amargo | El caso tequila | Por un puñado de balas)   Movie Stars, … Read more

  • The Chauffeur’s Son (El hijo del chófer) (TV Series)

    Arrogant, aggressive, unscrupulous, resentful, manipulative, narcissistic and cynical…     Josep Quintà was able to stay afloat during the postwar period thanks to his car. He … Read more

  • The Remil Saga (Trilogía Remil) — (TV Series)

    The Dagger | The Wound | The Betrayal An infamous 21st century hero.   They call him Remil for having been a "real son of a … Read more

  • Little Indiscretions (Film)

    There are secrets that are way too difficult to bury.       The bakery of the most important pastry chef of the 'rich and famous' … Read more

  • In Her Blood (En la sangre)

    Champagne and crime.   Eva Valverde lives in Barcelona, has two degrees and wears Prada. Years ago, she stole her first laptop from a table in … Read more

  • Candidate (Candidato) (Film)

    The boundless ambition of a young politician. 30-year-old Simón Soria is a professor of politics who is a very talented liberal intellectual tired of his career … Read more

  • Filek, the Scammer who Deceived Franco (Filek, el estafador que engañó a Franco)

    The true story of the scammer who deceived Franco with a formula capable of turning water into fuel. 1939´s famished Spain was on the verge of … Read more

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