Etiqueta: Coming of age

  • The winter of the goldfinches (El invierno de los jilgueros)

    Todo está permitido en el arte y en el amor. La vida del pequeño Brahim transcurre en las calles de Alhucemas, en Marruecos, donde vive con … Read more

  • Horchata Blood (Sangre de horchata)

    In the face of family drama, blood cold like horchata.   Belén Alba is sixteen years old and lives in a modernist palace in one of … Read more

  • Brujas en el bosque

    Un oscuro secreto oculto tras un pasado familiar. Dos jóvenes caminan por la costa del mar cuando, de repente, caen de rodillas al ver surgir de … Read more

  • Brown (Marrón) (TV Series)

     The search for identity when everything tells you you’re in the wrong place.   Rocío Quillahuaman was born in Lima, Peru, and at the age of … Read more

  • Ulises 2300

    Does being good at something make you passionate about it?     In the 1980s, Salomón "Crazy Horse" Narváez, a university professor and a chess lover, … Read more

  • On the fly (Sobre la marcha)

    The rules are there to be broken. And he broke them all.   Javier is one of the members of the García-Pelayo clan, a family saga … Read more

  • The nearly girl

    A fun and romantic thriller that explores the singularities of the human spirit.       Henry is poet who is addicted to LSD and lives according … Read more

  • Thinks you wrote on fire (Cosas que escribiste sobre el fuego)

    Some people aren’t meant to stay, they are meant to teach you something.   When María Gaudet starts high school, everyone knows her name. Her family … Read more

  • The third mask (La tercera máscara)

    Could you show the world your most intimate mask?   A Japanese legend explains how we all have three masks: the one we show to the … Read more

  • Roses from Stalin (Las rosas de Stalin)

    My name is Svetlana Alliluyeva. I was born on February 28, 1926. My father died in 1953. His name was Joseph Stalin.  Stalin’s favorite, his only … Read more

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