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  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • The Noble Family (Film)

    Mexican film based on The Great Madcap, by Adolfo Torrado. When German Noble, a manipulative and powerful businessman realizes that all his children: Javi, Barbara and … Read more

  • The hidden life of Fidel Castro (La vida oculta de Fidel Castro) (FILM)

    THE HIDDEN LIFE OF FIDEL CASTRO Juan Reinaldo Sánchez y Axel Gyldén   His bodyguard uncovers all the secrets of the Cuban leader   Fidel Castro … Read more

  • Human Sacrifices (Sacrificios humanos) (Film/TV series)

    True horror in real life.   Twelve stories make up María Fernanda Ampuero's masterful work: Human Sacrifices, where terror takes many forms and violence defines the … Read more

  • Alone At The Top

    The further you go, the closer you’ll be to oblivion.   A man awakens from a restful sleep when, suddenly, he is assaulted by a disturbing … Read more

  • A Guy With a Bag Over His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza)

    A corrupt mayor close to death. The oxygen dwindles as the minutes pass.     “I would have bet any of my deaths that the one … Read more

  • I Am Your Gaze (Soy tu mirada)

    Getting revenge for the past during the era of Tinder.       Nora Salinas is a firm and rigorous 45-year-old examining judge whose pulse does not … Read more

  • The Chauffeur’s Son (El hijo del chófer) (TV Series)

    Arrogant, aggressive, unscrupulous, resentful, manipulative, narcissistic and cynical…     Josep Quintà was able to stay afloat during the postwar period thanks to his car. He … Read more

  • Sludge (Lodo)

    The enigma surrounding a mysterious death.   Following rowdy college years in Barcelona, Endika, a 22-year-old young man, travels back to his small hometown in Navarre … Read more

  • Wonderland

    An Original 10-episode Podcast/Audioseries published by Storytel Murders in Madrid’s casinos.   Wonderland is a luxury complex located in Madrid. It is a place full of casinos … Read more

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