Etiqueta: Immigrant life

  • Sand Promises (TV Series)

    Available on TVE A la carta  Lucía just finished her degree and travels to Palestine as a cooperator in a NGO. She is filled with excitement … Read more

  • Cacereño

    A stubborn immigrant from southern Spain unexpectedly finds in the Basque Country of the 70s a place to build a future.     After the first … Read more

  • The Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga

    The thrilling cases of the German-Spanish police inspector shake the quiet city of Frankfurt.   Cornelia Weber-Tejedor is half German and half Spanish. She is an … Read more

  • Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga I: Between Two Waters (Entre dos aguas)

    A policewoman torn between duty and loyalty.   Cornelia Weber-Tejedor is a complex woman, half German and half Spanish. Most of the time, she is not … Read more

  • Mom, an intimate story

    A woman from the poor Spanish countryside sends her 15-year-old daughter to Argentina during the Peronist years. She wants to save her from her misery and promises … Read more

  • The Pons Quartet

    During a concert, the public heckles the musicians of a quartet whose future looks pitch black. However, one of them, the violinist, receives a letter from … Read more

  • At the enemy´s mercy

    The story narrates the fortuitous encounter between two men: Checa, a Russian man living in Spain for a long time, and Mustafa, an illegal newcomer. Their … Read more

  • The papiruse

    A man emigrates to Cuba with the intention of building up a fortune. Thanks to his adventurous spirit, he manages to buy a cigarette factory. Having gained … Read more

  • Pin pricks

    Remigio and his young wife have to emigrate from their country due to poverty. In the destination country, after great calamities and the loss of their … Read more

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