Etiqueta: Loyalty

  • Nadie en esta tierra

    Los tiempos piden héroes, pero pocos están dispuestos a pagar el precio que cuesta ser uno.   Los tiempos piden héroes, y lo heroico significa no … Read more

  • Saga Tiziano

    Tiziano: La decisión del capo| Adara: la maldición del capo | Famigghia: la salvación del capo ¿Qué esconde el corazón de un villano? Adara Megalos está … Read more

  • Mafia of three Saga (Serie TV)

    Police can’t divide what anise has united. | Zorrumpia can’t mess up what the German has united| Gonorrhea can’t divide what the Mafia has united| The … Read more

  • Morir Matando (TV Series)

    A terrible massacre leaves a girl orphaned and a violent hitman becomes her protector.   The media called it "the Piñata Massacre." On August 13, 2018, … Read more

  • Clara Lyndon’s Silence (El silencio de Clara Lyndon) — (TV Series)

     Her talent allowed her to lead the life she wanted. A lover and a secret changed her destiny forever. Clara Lyndon is an elderly woman living … Read more

  • The Silence Has Arrived (Ahora llega el silencio)

    Two options left: to give up or to fight. Astrea never gives up. Overnight, people over 22 years old die for no apparent reason. This tragic … Read more

  • The Editor in Chief (Film)

    The press promised to tell you the truth. David Jiménez tells you the truth about the press.   David Jiménez hardened as a journalist covering wars, … Read more

  • Rey Negro (Black King)

    The indigent king. Rey negro (Black King) is based on a true story that took place in 1995: the exile of King Kigali V of Rwanda … Read more

  • Color Of Evil

    In spite of their differences, Inspector Bermejo and Sergeant Roncero embark together on the investigation of a case related to the abduction of a young couple. … Read more

  • 40 Years Old

    The story narrates the lives of four characters, inheritors of an old neighborhood gym. Their lives will change when a construction company offers them a good … Read more

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