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  • Delirio

  • Of cattle and men (De ganados y hombres)

  • Pierced by the Sun (A Lupita le gustaba planchar) (Serie TV)

    Sobrevivir será su misión. Lupita es una policía mexicana a la que le gusta planchar, tejer, bordar y bailar, cosas cotidianas que la mantienen arraigada a … Read more

  • The Strangers (Los extraños) (Film)

    A couple on the verge of a breakup; an unsettling visit.  Jon and Katharina are a couple spending the harsh winter in a remote village on the Cantabrian … Read more

  • The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo (El libro secreto de Frida Kahlo)

    A story full of colors and flavors.   Frida is Mexico itself.    After "dying" for the first time in a terrible car accident, Frida Kahlo reaches an agreement with her godmother, Death. In exchange for Frida preparing an offering in the form of a banquet for her every year on the Day of the Dead, Death allows her to live. Frida wrote down the recipes for each banquet dedicated to Saint Death in a black notebook she called “The Book of Holy Herbs”.  The day this notebook was to be shown to the public for the first time in an exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts, it disappeared.    Haghenbeck imagines that this notebook was a gift from the other great Mexican female icon, Tina Modotti (Frida Kahlo's lover), after the accident.   The author narrates in first person the life of Kahlo, a free, authentic and controversial woman who broke stereotypes with her beauty and celebrated her Mexican identity in all areas. It delves into her decisions, thoughts and secrets, with a constant presence of death through two characters, The Messenger, represented by the revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata, and her Godmother, Death, who warns Kahlo that she will die the day her rooster Cui-cui-ri stops crowing.  In an intimate and … Read more

  • Don Juan

    Don Juan Tenorio, accompanied by his servant, Leporello, has been sentenced to roam around the world. He refuses to accept the destiny that has been marked … Read more

  • Again the Devil (Otra vez el diablo)

    After being robbed by bandits, a young student from Salamanca, on his way to European universities, encounters the Devil, who tries, unsuccessfully, to make him succumb … Read more

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