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  • Favaloro: The Great Operator (Favaloro: El gran operador)

    The Argentine doctor who transformed and democratized surgery worldwide.  René Favaloro is the most transcendental Argentinean doctor of the 20th century for his contribution to humanity and the lives that have been saved as a result of the surgical procedure he systematized in 1967; a procedure that would transform world medicine forever with his bypass technique.  This is a journey through his life, from his origins, his training, his influences and his experiences that shows the process that delineated his way of thinking and understanding the country where he lived. It is a journey through the ups and downs that marked the life of the heart surgeon committed to guaranteeing access to highly complex medical procedures even for those who could not afford it.  Since his arrival to his country of origin (Italy) to the tragic afternoon of his suicide. Along the way, he deals with his childhood; the fanaticism he inherited  from his uncle for gymnastics; his time at the Rafael Hernández National School, where he received a humanistic education from teachers such as the essayist Ezequiel Martínez Estrada, the Dominican writer Pedro Henríquez Ureña or the art critic Jorge Romero … Read more

  • The defenses (Las defensas)

    One case in three billion.   One case in three billion. A novel based in the incredible true story of a doctor who suffered from the … Read more

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