Etiqueta: Nazism

  • Moss (Musgo) (Film)

    Man’s best friend will be the last to lose hope.   Moss is a dog who, not understanding why wars happen, has witnessed how his home … Read more

  • Hilda Krüger

    A complex investigative operation of a Nazi spy in México.   Hilda Krüger, an attractive and sophisticated German actress, starred in one of the most extravagant … Read more

  • The Nazis in México (Los nazis en México)

    A distant territory becomes Hitler’s obsession to achieve victory.   In the 1930s, Mexico becomes an obsession for Adolf Hitler. The war had not yet begun, … Read more

  • Pérák

    Czech Republic’s first superheroe. Myth or truth?   Perak had springs on his legs with which he could even jump streets. With supernatural abilities he became … Read more

  • The Lovers Under the Danube (Los amantes bajo el Banubio)

      Is there any motive more powerful than love or hate?       Budapest, 1944. The war and the Nazi occupation has brought absolute and utter chaos … Read more

  • The Last Passenger (TV Series)

    A hidden enigma. A boat full of mysteries from which you cannot escape.    In August 1939, an old coal ship finds an abandoned translatlantic in … Read more

  • Verne Mission

    Captain Klaus Berg was mobilized after declaring World War II. Despite having a comfortable destination in Paris, Klaus misses his life as a professor of French … Read more

  • The clairvoyant (El mentalista de Hitler)

    Based on a true story, in the pre-Nazi Germany, a seer predicted the fate of a country, but not his own Erick Hanussen lives in the … Read more

  • Silence in black

    The action takes place in France, during the years of the World War II onwards until 1943, and from 1946 to 1947, two historical moments that will gradually … Read more

  • Benedicat

    Written by Josep Lluís and Rodolf Sirera, Benedicat is set in two historical moments and in two different places: Croatia’s Kingdom in the 40's (then a puppet regime … Read more

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