Etiqueta: Perversion

  • The Awakening

    Amelia is a woman with a completely normal life: she is married, has a son and lives in the outskirts of a big city, in one … Read more

  • Without questions

    Eight different stories show the abuse of power and violence in very different environments. The protagonists of these stories are victims who are defenseless before those … Read more

  • Seven women

    The stepsisters of a young woman do not accept her as one of them, even though she is doing everything possible to be one of the … Read more

  • The King of the Mountain

    Remember: there are no friends, partners, lovers or family, only contacts. Stay away from ethics. It destroys originality and talent. Sell your soul to the highest … Read more

  • Such a nice man

    This story is about Paco, a young man who plays with the love of two young women, Fanny and Conchita. One day, Paco receives a telegram … Read more

  • Petra’s revenge

    Petra is married to Manolo, womanizer and scrounger that in spite of loving his wife, doesn´t want to leave his “bachelor” life behind. Petra loves her … Read more

  • The prize of Nicanor

    A few days before Christmas holidays, in a humble home, the day of the Christmas lottery, Isidoro and his wife get into a serious conflict with … Read more

  • My Friend Melquiades (Or Loose lips sink ships)

    Melquíades is willing to help his friend Serafín to conquer young Nieves, who is Higinio’s girlfriend. Benita, Nieves’ sister, suspects Serafín is having an affair with … Read more

  • Out of mind

    Set in an asylum, this play tells the love adventures and misfortunes of the interns called Rosa, Antoñita, Antonio and Juan while the director turns into … Read more

  • Were there really eleven thousand virgins once?

    Pedro, a young wealthy man, dives into the world of seduction like a modern Don Juan. At the speed of light, he conquers an uncountable number … Read more

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