Etiqueta: Sexuality

  • A leopard cannot change its spots

    The main character in this comedy is Pepito Bedoya, an outmoded seducer. Despite his age, he continues conquering women with his friend Carratalá, until he finds … Read more

  • The chaste Don José

    Don José is a pious, chaste and single old man. Owner of a well-known chocolate factory, he lives his old days calmly and following his habits. … Read more

  • Ninette

    Ninette Sánchez, daughter of Spanish migrants in France, is an intelligent, sexy and funny Parisian girl that works in Lafayette. With her spontaneity and beauty, Andres, … Read more

  • Were there really eleven thousand virgins once?

    Pedro, a young wealthy man, dives into the world of seduction like a modern Don Juan. At the speed of light, he conquers an uncountable number … Read more

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