Etiqueta: Widowhood

  • Surviving (Sobreviviendo)

    Could you become someone you are not only to obtain something you have always wanted? Val Valdés, can.   Val Valde’s life changes radically the day … Read more

  • Mala Hoja

    An introspective look of 19th century Cuba.       In February 1874, two Spanish businessmen, a tobacco grower and a sugar farmer, meet at a … Read more

  • My husband is coming

    Carita rejects all the marriage candidates her godfather, a rich man, offers her because she already has a boyfriend. Filled with resentment, he modifies his will … Read more

  • The world is for you

    Paquito is a spoilt young man whose mother, the wealthy widow Marcelina, has never denied him anything. However, when Amelia, a humble presser, rejects his love … Read more

  • Midnight games

    Santiago and Elena met each other in the cemetery while burying their respective partners. From that point on, they begin a new life together. Married again and after … Read more

  • Life on a thread

    Mercedes has just become a widow after Ramón’s death, with who she had been very unhappy. One day on a train, she encounters a fortune-teller. She reminds … Read more

  • Mum Steals Our Boyfriends (TV Series)

    Mrs. Robinson is back and this time she's staying This familiar comedy introduces us into the day-to-day life of a peculiar family. Amadora is a widow, … Read more

  • The pretty mother

    Elena is a mature woman, widow and mother of grown up children, but she is still strikingly beautiful. Her children are against her plans of marrying a … Read more

  • Irene, or the treasure

    Irene is a young widow that recently had a miscarriage. She feels obliged to go to live with her parents-in-law, Dimas and Justina: he is a miserly … Read more

  • A coming and going husband

    Pepe and Leticia are married. Pepe realizes that his death is near and makes Paco Yepes, a friend of the family, to promise that he will … Read more

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