Alfonso Egea

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Alfonso Egea is a Spanish journalist and writer who has been working in the media for more than 20 years.
Since 1996, he works in radio programs, press and TV shows, focusing on topics concerning justice, the Ministry of Interior, and other investigative events. He currently works as frequent collaborator at the Antena 3 morning show, Espejo Público, one of the most famous programs in the Spanish TV.



29 Bullets and a Love Note (29 balas y una nota de amor), his fourth published work, is a journalistic novel based on a true story which titled the major press headers for weeks in 2017. To publish the novel, the author carried out a thorough investigative research through police testimonies and court declarations that helped him with the rigorous description of the criminals.
The work has been highly appraised by the readers, who assure this is a captivating and shocking narrative.