Amelia Chardin

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Amelia Chardin is a promising Young Adult and romance author from the north of Spain. In Love three delights, Chardin presents an intercultural romance that allows the reader to travel the streets of Madrid and learn about the Asian community that lives in the city. Her stories are characterized for having strong female characters who are in constant change.



Amelia Chardin seeks inspiration for her books in the streets of big and small cities from all around the world. She travels the world with her bag, her computer and an old camera, in search of new stories. Her books reflect her love for literature and the Asian art world.


The critics have said:

“Love three delights is a bright story that shows us how to put our feelings first and teaches us how to understand that sometimes it is necessary to make some sacrifices to achieve our dreams”. Peregrinos y sus letras.

“[Love three delights] A romantic an addictive novel, full of nuances, where every single character makes you smile and sigh”. Goodreads