Ángeles Mastretta

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Ángeles Mastretta is a Mexican writer and journalist of great international recognition, known for creating very attractive female characters and fictions that reflect the social and political realities of Mexico. Her degree is in Journalism from UNAM and she has been devoted to literature for decades. Since her first novel, she has become a phenomenon both in the Spanish-speaking world and in other countries, with translations into more than a dozen languages. Her work has even been adapted to film.



Ángeles Mastretta is one of the most important Mexican female voices today. Her works have received excellent reviews and an exceptional response from her audiences. She has editions in many countries and translations into more than a dozen languages. Additionally, she is the first woman to win the Rómulo Gallegos Award. Among the numerous awards she has won, the following stand out: the Mazatlán de Literatura Award and the Águila Social Award.