Boris Vian

Boris Vian was a French novelist, playwright, poet, musician, engineer, translator, and journalist. He is the author of dozens of literary works, hundreds of song lyrics, and many opera libretti. A significant number of his works have been signed with different pseudonyms, such as Vernon Suvillan, Boriso Viana o Baron Visi.

Vian was also the founder of the Collège de ‘Pataphysique, a society created as a sneer to French academics and condecorations, made up of famous avant-garde writers.

The artist passed away in 1959, the same day as the premiere of the film adaptation of his first novel, due to a heart attack.



This versatile figure has established himself as a symbol of Parisian intellectual bohemia and his work has been posthumously recognized as one of the most representative voices of French existentialism.

The International Boris Vian Novel Awards honors and celebrates the works of this controversial author, and, at the same time, it awards writers that stand out thanks to their creativity and ability to write outside the margins of conventionalism.