Elena Poniatowska

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Elena Poniatowska is a French writer, journalist and activist who settled in Mexico during World War II. Her literary works always have a social and political orientation.

She grew up speaking French and she studied English in a British School. However, her knowledge of Spanish came from her housekeepers. Poniatowska developed a strong bond with the Mexican working class, something that strongly influenced her literary works.

Thanks to her work as an interviewer, she managed to get in contact with some of the most important Mexican personalities of the 20th century. Apart from the publication of these interviews, Poniatowska wrote many novels, short stories, chronicles, poems and dramatic works.

She has the astounding ability of combining reality and fiction. Her works are usually set in Mexico, with Mexican characters, or at least people who spent important parts of their lives there, as is the case of Tina Modotti in Tinísima.



This acclaimed author has received some of the most prestigious awards throughout her career as a writer, like the Miguel de Cervantes Award, the Biblioteca Breve Award, the Rómulo Gallegos Award, the Alfaguara de Novela Award, and the Mazatlán de Literatura Award. Apart from this, she has been appointed Doctora Honoris Causa in more than a dozen universities all over the world.

Poniatowska has always demonstrated to have great affinity with women, and that is why she has mostly written about them.  She has also demonstrated that she is interested in the lowest social classes, which have been a great influence in the political tone of her publications.

She currently has one of her works, Nothing, Nobody, in development.