Elene Lizarralde

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Elene Lizarralde is a journalist, host, author, actress and content director for television programs. She studied Journalism at the Center for Technical Research and Studies of Gipuzkoa (Spain). Previously, she had worked for several television programs as a host and scriptwriter at EITB (Basque Radio Television), at Antena 3 (Spanish television channel), and at AAA (a Spanish television production company). She is also a trainer in communication workshops and author of the blog hablemosdoctor.com. Currently, she is the host of the television program Vamos a hacer historia on EITB2.



Elene Lizarralde is the author of Clara Lyndon’s Silence (El silencio de Clara Lyndon), which has sold more than 10,000 copies.

For her work in television, she has been the recipient of several awards such as the Antena Award from the Spanish Radio and Television Association, as well as four TP Awards (for best children’s program and best presenter for her work in Basque television shows). She also received three nominations for the Spanish Television Academy Awards. Apart from this, she was the first person to present the San Sebastian Film Festival in Basque.