Francisco García Pavón

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Francisco García Pavón was a Spanish writer and literary critic, known mainly for his detective novels starring detective Plinio, chief of the local police of Tomelloso (Ciudad Real, Spain). He graduated in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Madrid, and obtained a professorship in History of Dramatic Literature at the Superior School of Dramatic Arts of Madrid. He was also a theatre critic for the newspapers Arriba, Nuevo Diario, Destino, Blanco y Negro and Ya.



He was the pioneer of the detective novel in Spain. Authors of the stature of Lorenzo Silva established the bases of Spanish detective literature in the novels of García Pavón, focusing on humor, intrigue, portraiture and Manchegan tradition, thus distancing himself from Anglo-Saxon paradigms.

García Pavón was the winner and finalist of the Nadal Award with his collection of Plinio, the winner of the Criticism of Castilian Narrative Award, the Antonio Machado Short Story Award, the Award for Police Narrative, the Cinematography and Tourism Award and many other awards from the media outlets El correo literario, Meridiano and the magazine Ínsula.


What the critics have said:

“Francisco García Pavón was the first with the courage to challenge the complexes and turn a Spanish policeman into a hero.” Lorenzo Silva.

“In García Pavón’s novels, picaresque and cunning go hand in hand.” El Mundo.

“García Pavón sought, from the beginning, to give the Spanish detective novel its own identity and for this he turned to the memories, experiences, anecdotes and customs that he knew, those of his own town of Tomelloso.” Goodreads.