Jairo Grijalba

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He was born in Popayán, Colombia, in 1962. He studied Anthropology at University, even though he currently works mainly as a writer. However, he did work in several university institutions between 1994 and 2005.
His passion for music always had an impact on him, since he has always been surrounded by it. He worked as director and host of numerous musical Colombian shows. He has also published a series of articles on traditional music.
Some of his most remarkable works are Eddy Martínez, the Pianoman (2009) and Arsenio Rodríguez: the Music Prophet.
He has also co-written two more narrative works: Benny Moré without limits (2013) and Get Out Old Shoe! Chronicles, Portraits and Interviews on Salsa Music in Bogotá. 
Jairo Grijalba has always been surrounded by music, a fact that has contributed to his becoming in one of the best authors on traditional Latin American music.
Furthermore, the so many published articles prove that he is nothing but a professional on the Latin American musical folklore.