Joselo Rangel

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Joselo Rangel is a Mexican composer, musician and writer. He studied Industrial Design at the UAM, and during that time, together with his brother and two friends, he formed the alternative rock band Café Tacvba, a band of great success in Mexico.

He has combined his career as a musician with his career as a journalist. He has published articles for magazines and online media like Sub, Día siete, Gatopardo and Sputnik, and he publishes a weekly column in the newspaper Excélsior called “Crócknicas marcianas”.

His first novel, Los desesperados, narrates the adventures of a Mexican rock band during the parties and concerts, and it introduces us to peculiar characters of all kind.



Rangel is a hugely acclaimed Mexican musician and has also enjoyed success in the literary world. The critics state that his literary style is light, but that at the same time delicately built, with main characters that get the attention of the readers from the very beginning.