Leandro Renou

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Leandro Renou is a journalist who has worked for newspapers such as Página/12, Buenos Aires Económico and El Cronista Comercial. He was the subeditor of the Economy column in the newspaper Tiempo Argentino, collaborated with morning newspapers in Mexico and Peru and has published articles in Anfibia magazine. He has also worked for the radio stations Rock & Pop, National Radio, Concepto, Radio Cooperativa and Radio América, among others. Currently, he is an economic columnist for Radio Del Plata and writes for BAE and Letra P.



Leandro Renou’s first work is Morgan Papers: Confessions of an unfaithful employee (Confesiones de un empleado infiel), a book in which he has drawn his conclusions after an exhaustive investigation. Together with Ignacio Chausis, both journalists reconstruct the turbulent life of the JP Morgan banker who uncovered the first big case of evasion and laundering of Argentinean black money.


What the critics have said:

“Chausis and Renou tell in detail the secrets of the world of finance and economic crimes based on Hernán Arbizu’s confessions.” Fundaciontem.org (Digital magazine)

“… Each step taken by the rebellious banker is narrated in this book with the pulse of a financial thriller.” Cristian Alarcón, director of the collection Ficciones Reales (Real Fictions).