María Fernanda Ampuero

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María Fernanda Ampuero is an Ecuadorian writer and journalist, currently living in Spain.

With a degree in Philology and subsequent studies in Journalism, Ampuero has dedicated her life to writing.

The author began her career as a columnist at El Universal, and since then she has collaborated in newspapers such as ABC or El País. In the literary world, she has delved into non-fiction as well as novels and short stories, creating some of the most notable works on the Latin American scene in recent years.

In 2019, she was appointed Manager of the José de la Cuadra National Book and Reading Plan of the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador. Additionally, she combines her work as a writer with teaching.



María Fernanda Ampuero has positioned herself as one of the most relevant voices in current Latin American literature. Her multiple novels, translated into several languages, have managed to captivate a wide audience, which is present both on the large literary platforms and on her social networks, where she has tens of thousands of followers.

Ampuero has been awarded both for her journalistic work – with awards such as the Ciespal Chronicle Award or the IOM’s Best Chronicle of the Year – and for her literary work, she has received the Children of Mary Shelley Award, the Cosecha Eñe Award, and the Joaquín Gallegos Award among others.