María O’Donnell

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Maria O’Donnell is a journalist, writer, television and radio presenter born in the United States and of Argentinian descent. She graduated in political science.

For television, she has worked on Todo Noticias, Canal 26, C5N, Public Television of Argentina or La Nación +. Currently, she presents Corea del centro on Net TV, Tarde para nada on Radio con Voz and De acá en más on Metro 95.1. She has worked for different Argentinian radio shows, for Radio Continental, for La 100 and for Radio Mirtre, among others. On Online and offline press, she has also worked for Página 12, La nación and TXT Magazine.  



O’Donnell is one of the most respected journalists in Argentina. She has the Martín Fierro Award, the Konex Award, the Éter Award, and the Hrant Drink Award of the National Armenian Board of South America. She has around 300.000 followers on social networks. She has been the first journalist working on the story of the Born brothers’ kidnapping, one of the most important episodes of Argentinian modern history. It is currently being adapted to film by an international production company and has become a great success in Latin America, telling an extraordinary story based on real events. This is re-affirmed with her most recent publishing of her book Aramburu, with which she has once again achieved great success from both sale numbers and critics.