Mariana Palova

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Mariana Palova (Mariana Paola Urzúa Pulido) is a Mexican writer and digital artist. Her visual work, a personal mix of occult and mythology, has been nationally awarded and featured in more than fifty art exhibitions around the world.


Her first novel, Nation of the Beasts: The Lord of the Sabbath, first self-published in Spanish, became a bestseller thanks to its extraordinary originality.

In 2018 the novel was acquired by two publishing houses, one in Mexico and the other in Los Angeles, for its new edition in Spanish and its translation into English.

Palova was awarded the Best Fantasy Book of the Year Award by the prestigious Foreword Magazine in the United States. With a unique and captivating approach that has conquered readers from various parts of the world, this recognition places Mariana

Palova as one of the most outstanding writers in Latin America’s new generation of authors.

Critics consider her writing agile and fascinating. Mariana Palova is, without a doubt, a literary turning point in Mexico.