Marina Efron

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Marina Efron is a distinguished Argentine screenwriter recognized for her extensive contribution to the television industry. In addition, she was a professor in the Master’s Degree in Creativity and Television Screenwriting at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

In television, Efron has made her mark as a screenwriter on a variety of projects. She worked for Fox on the series No Kidding and for Telecinco’s entertainment program Pecado Original. She also contributed as a scriptwriter to the TV format Caiga Quien Caiga and to the series Todos a Cien with El Terrat.

Efron has also worked on other acclaimed series, including the well-known Periodistas and Ciudad Sur, both produced by Globomedia, as well as the notorious Cuestión de Sexo, produced by Notro Films.

Her international career includes serving as Head Writer for the series Alex & Co. and the three seasons of Disney Channel’s Soy Luna. The screenwriter has also contributed to the Disney series Bia and the television adaptation of Blue Jeans’ novel The Invisible Girl for Morena Films.

More recently, she has been working on the series The Secret Score, a musical series for Disney+, cementing her place as an influential voice in family and youth entertainment.



Marina Efron’s work as a screenwriter reflects a diverse and successful career, characterized by her ability to craft stories that appeal to a wide range of audiences, both in Spain and internationally.

She has also collaborated closely with Spanish comedian Dani Mateo, writing several scripts for his monologues, and has participated in El Club de la Comedia, one of the most iconic comedy shows in Spain. She was also one of the creators of the stage show La Mikipedia, starring the Spanish comedian Miki Nadal.


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