Mario Méndez

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Mario Méndez.

Mario Méndez is an Argentine author who teaches Publishing at the University of Buenos Aires. Additionally, he is also co-founder and editor for the publishing house Amauta Argentina.

As a school teacher, Méndez focuses on working with children in situations of social exclusion. He coordinates literary workshops through various programs under the Secretariat of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, including those in public libraries, cultural centers, and community kitchens. His work has been featured in magazines like Billiken and La Nación de los Niños.

Méndez is a prolific author, having published an extensive range of works throughout his career, including short stories and novels. Many of his publications, recognized for their educational content, have been issued by leading publishers in the Spanish-speaking market for children’s and young adult literature, such as SM and Edebé.



Throughout his literary career, Mario Méndez has received various awards and recognitions, initially standing out by receiving an Honorable Mention in the Literary Contest of the National University of Mar del Plata. His commitment to human rights earned him a Mention in the “Amnesty tells you about your rights” contest, and his narrative talent was recognized with the Fantasy Award in Narrative.

The excellence of his books has garnered him the ALIJA Outstanding Award and he has twice been honored with the ALIJA Readers’ Choice Award. Furthermore, he received a Special Mention in the National Literature Contest, in the Children’s Literature category, affirming his status as a distinguished author in the literary world.

Additionally, his works have been published throughout Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, etc.), as well as in Spain and Italy.