Maritza M. Buendía

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Maritza M. Buendía holds a PHD in Literature from the UAM-Iztapalapa University in Mexico. She was part of the first generation of the renowned Foundation for Mexican Literature, is currently a member of the National System of Researchers and is a research professor for the Bachelor of Literature of the master’s degree in Hispanic American Literature at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas.



An expert writer on eroticism from her academic studies, research and essays to her fictional work, Maritza M. Buendía has become an expert voice when talking about erotic literature in Latin America.

Among other recognitions, she has obtained the Gilberto Owen National Literature Award, the José Revueltas Fine Arts Award for Literary Essay, and the Julio Torri National Short Story Award. Some of her stories have been translated into French in the magazine Vericuetos and Dutch in the magazine Deus ex machina.