Pablo Gutiérrez

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Pablo Gutiérrez is a Spanish writer. He studied journalism at the University of Seville. He currently works as a literature teacher and combines his work with his literary writings.

The author is best known for his narrative power, his ability to mix dramatic situations with a sense of humor and his ability to portray the adolescent world in a lyrical and stark way.



With his novel Bergerac Syndrome (El síndrome de Bergerac), Pablo Gutiérrez has received the prestigious Edebé Award, the highest award for young adult literature in Spain. The author has also received several other awards and recognitions throughout his career, such as the Ojo Crítico Award, granted by Radio Nacional de España and the Tormenta Award. Additionally, he was a finalist for the Short Narrative Ribera del Duero Award and the Miguel Romero Esteo of Theater Award, and has been selected by Granta magazine as one of the best young storytellers in Spanish.


What the critics have said:

“A modern, powerful narrator, with his own vision and of great literary quality.” Care Santos from El Cultural (digital magazine)

“His style can be compared to that of writers like Lara Moreno or Francisco Umbral, and defines him as an author influenced by television and popular culture.” Goodreads