Rocío Quillahuaman

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Blackie Books

Rocío Quillahuaman studied Audiovisual Communication and has worked in various audiovisual sectors since graduating. She has worked for companies such as PlayGround, Grupo Zeta, Magnolia, and El Mundo Today. Currently, she is involved in creating humorous animated videos for social media.

She has become a celebrity on social networks, boasting hundreds of thousands of followers, in addition to working for brands such as Yorokobu, Primavera Sound Festival, Sitges Film Festival, and others.



Recognized by Forbes in its list of the one hundred most creative Spaniards, Rocío spends her time creating content, both visually and in writing. In her first novel, “Marrón,” she compiles furious, heartfelt memories that revisit the most significant moments of her childhood and adolescence. A journey filled with humor towards self-discovery and finding a place she can finally recognize as home.