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  • Hotel Nirvana

  • La noche del oso

  • Saga Samantha F.

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  • Saga Liberated Women (Saga Mujeres Libres) (TV Series)

    Available on ATRESPlayer  Sluts | Baddies | Free Are you ready to join the Slut´s Club?   Alicia has decided to leave behind her mundane, humdrum … Read more

  • The Noble Family (Nosotros los nobles)(Film)

    Mexican film based on The Great Madcap, by Adolfo Torrado. When German Noble, a manipulative and powerful businessman realizes that all his children: Javi, Barbara and … Read more

  • The Idhun Chronicles (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  The Resistance | Triad | Pantheon  On the day that Ashran the Necromancer caused the conjunction of the three suns and the three … Read more

  • Love and Gin Tonic (Amor y gin tonic)

    Amor, trabajo y mucha Ginebra.   Abi es feliz: es parte del equipo de Eve Care -empresa francesa de cosméticos de lujo-, desde hace 10 años … Read more

  • Love and tequila (Amor y tequila)

    A wild comedy filled with mystery, romance, tequila, and salt. Sara is a doctor, a perfectionist, and a first-time mother. Between hospital shifts, her almost sleepless … Read more

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