A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos)

For the first time ever, he had to be careful about what he could and couldn’t say

Summer of 1976, Argentina. In this year characterized by the fall of democracy, Claudia begins her years of adolescence with silence as her most important ally. Her analytical skills allow her to identify the different emerging ideologies in Argentine society. More importantly, she is able to identify the ideological differences between her father and the rest of the world.

Claudia’s father, Gumer, in a constant state of frustration, mostly because of his obligation to deal with the members of a system he rejects, amongst other things like the hardships of labor and the powerlessness he feels having to suppress his beliefs. And although Claudia is young, she is well aware that her father doesn’t quite have the life he had envisioned for himself.

With this in mind, Claudia begins to identify the ideological differences in the world around her. She may not understand them to their fullest extent, but she senses them, and inevitably suffers from them.

She will be in a constant internal conflict, struggling between her desire to fit in and her need for social acceptance with her feeling of duty towards the loyalty she believes she owes her father.

A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos) is an intimate story that allows us to understand the history of an era, a society and a country.


RELEVANT DATA: A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos) is Claudia Piñeiro’s most intimate and endearing novel, in which the author recounts her childhood and the political and social changes that Argentina underwent in the 1970s.

Claudia Piñeiro is commonly known as The Argentinean Lady of the Noir Novel. The author, winner of the Clarín Award, is also the most translated Argentine author, behind Borges and Cortázar. Among the awards she has received are the LiBeraturpreis Award, the Pléyade Award, the Latin American Children and Young Adult Literature Award, the ACE Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. In addition, several of her novels have already been adapted for film and TV.


What the critics have said:

«A book full of intimacy, emotion and, paradoxically, fiction.» Rosa Montero, El País 

«Claudia’s voice is smooth like silk… sharp silk.» Qué leer

«A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos), the most personal and endearing novel by Claudia Piñeiro.» Benito Garrido, Culturamas


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, German, Italian and Swedish.

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