All Yours (Tuya)(Film)

The story of infidelity and its consequences.

Inés is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep up the appearances of her happy family; she is manipulative, to the point of becoming pregnant to force Ernesto to marry her. She is not the only bad guy here though, as Ernesto also manipulates her. Inés feels like she is her husband´s “mother”, the one who organizes and orders his life. He does not take too much care of his daughter and even sees her as a competitor for her father´s attention. Inés is cautious and calculating and goes so far as to open up a secret bank account to keep her money, just in case. Despite this, she always looks at the silver lining, which leads her to justify and minimize infidelity.

A red heart crossed by an “I love you” and signed by “All Yours” reveals that her husband is cheating on her with his secretary Alicia. After the death of his lover, she begins an investigation and discovers secrets surrounding her husband that begin to destroy the image of her perfect family.


RELEVANT DATA: Claudia Piñeiro brilliantly combines the best ingredients of a noir with an intelligent, subtle language that’s loaded with realism and ulterior motives. All Yours is a fast-paced thriller and an unforgiving tale of the crudest intimacy of the middle class.

Claudia Piñeiro´s works have been translated into several languages, which also have several adaptations to film. The author has been awarded the Clarín Award, the Pléyade Award, the Latin American Children and Young Adult Literature Award, the ACE Award, the LiBeraturpreis Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. She was also a finalist for the Planeta Argentina Award and the La Sonrisa Vertical Award, in addition to having been selected for the Edebé Editorial Contest.


What the critics have said:

«All Yours is a magnificently constructed crime story with surprising twists and turns that appear in the plot, and with a perfect closure. » – Elsa Drucaroff

«Claudia Piñeiro starts with a rare gem, a noir police crime thriller that uses the elements of gender: violence, deception… » – Elvio E. Gandolfo


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a Film.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French, Czech, Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.