Love in Vein (Amor en vena)

A love etched with ink on the skin

Loreto Neri is a seventeen-year-old, rebellious, gothic-looking, and very straightforward girl. Her father abandoned her when she was just a child, and her mother is addicted to sleeping pills. Her life unfolds amidst emotional and financial shortages, which she disguises behind a mask of indifference and a hilarious lack of filter when speaking. One day she meets Crack, a renowned tattoo artist who becomes her new best friend.

Crack offers her a job as a receptionist in his studio, and with the money, Loreto pays for makeup school, her true passion. At the studio, she meets Alek, a recently arrived American boy who will do everything to win her over.

They start a torrid romance sealed with ink on the skin. Loreto’s tattoo will bear Alek’s name, who one day leaves her without a trace, breaking her heart and filling her with resentment.

It has been 15 years since she started working with Crack and 2 since Alek left. Loreto has become the most sought-after makeup artist in the audiovisual industry after being nominated for a Goya and having worked with the renowned director, Ridley Scott. That’s why Hollywood’s top makeup artist makes her a job proposal in Los Angeles.

Before leaving, Loreto wants to cover up Alex’s name on her body, so she can start this new stage of her life without remembering that old and troubled love.

She asks Crack for help, but he refuses, arguing that memories can’t be erased. However, he gives her the address of a studio in California where she can go to cover it up.

When Loreto arrives in Los Angeles, an assistant and a driver, who will become her accomplices for a few hours, await her. After receiving the offer to work on an ambitious adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, they take her to the studio that Crack recommended, but she is surprised to find out that Alek manages the studio, who is inside with his new and pregnant girlfriend.

Alek will try to explain that he was fleeing the US justice and that leaving Spain, he spent a year in jail, where he tattooed Loreto’s name on his chest.

But Loreto no longer wants to know anything about him.

Back in Spain, infuriated, she confronts Crack, who confesses he has been in love with her since the first time he saw her.

Loreto is hurt and confused but doesn’t want to give in to her emotions, as she must return to Hollywood in a week.

Torn between work, her heart, and two loves, Loreto will know it’s time to face herself and ask what she really feels.


RELEVANT DATA: Loreto is a strong and complex protagonist, her nuances make Love in Vein a differential dramedy. Set between Spain and Los Angeles, this is a story that flows in the universe of tattoos, little explored in dramedies, and can be relocated to other countries in Europe and Latin America.

This novel is part of a trilogy of stories – Love and Tequila, Love in Vein, and Love and Gin Tonic – about three friends who have known each other since they were six years old: Sara, Loreto, and Abi. While they connect with each other and are part of the same universe, each story is independent.

María José Vela is Mexican by birth and lives in Madrid. She has a degree in Business Administration and, after years in the finance world, one day decided to leave everything to dedicate herself to writing. She has a Master’s in Literary Creation from the International University of Valencia.


What readers have said:

“Agile, simple, direct, romantic, and very, very addictive.” Blog El viaje por un libro.

“Every tattoo represents an experience, a story that hides behind, and I found it very beautiful how this novel gives voice to the story of Loreto’s tattoo.”

Blog Na Marta i Els Libres.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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