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The Goldberg family is going through an economic crisis, their factory and house have been seized. All that Simon Goldberg, the patriarch, has built is now reduced to nothing. In this situation, his daughter Mariana asks her brother Javier for help. Javier was kicked out of the family years ago, for his sexual orientation, and now he is a millionaire. But, for the family´s surprise, the person that appears to help is not Javier, but Dolly, the extraordinary. A lovely woman, elegant, refined, married with three children. She will be the rescuer of the family, economically speaking, and besides loving her personal qualities, especially Simon, they will be fascinated with her so honored and honest work, highlighting her methods and financial results. It is like this, once again the Golberg return to reap the fortune, and in a record time. Only Dolly Golberg could do it, nobody else.


RELEVANT DATA: Rear entry reflects on the concept of “family” itself. It analyzes how families pass on prejudices and margination mechanisms.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie 


THEMES: Family, Sexuality, Economic Crisis, Siblings, Money, Exclusion

GENRE: Dramedy, Family Melodrama

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