Bankrupt (TV movie)

by Jordi Casanovas


In the original work, seven characters live a ‘supernatural’ experience in the dining room of an old apartment; while outside, a sudden economic crash highlights the absurdity of the scale of values that governs our lives. The audiovisual piece is based on the original text and will maintain its undeniable values: tone, rhythm and characters.

The possibility of traveling in space through a “dimensional hole” that has always existed under the dining room table in grandma’s apartment is the “absurd” trigger from which the main plot starts. The first challenge of the film is to make this situation true, with which we will build a comedy with a surrealist tone.

A reference of this type of tone within the Catalan dramaturgy similar to that of the screenwriter Charles Kaufman, works that are masked in a realistic and contemporary environment; a world that we know and that is familiar to us, but in which some of the pieces of its functioning are altered.