Borges’ Fictions (An Original TV Series Project)

Borges' Fictions is a TV Series project that narrates stories mixing genres like thriller, police procedural and sci-fi. Ten stories within the inimitable universe created by Jorge Luis Borges.

Each episode is based on a single short story, with no continuity in the rest of the episodes. They are labyrinthine stories in which the protagonists are involved in such extraordinary situations and with astonishing endings.


RELEVANT DATA: Borges was one of the most outstanding writers of the 20th century. He was awarded several and prestigious prizes (e.g. the Miguel de Cervantes Prize, the Alfonso Reyes International Prize) and was given an honorary doctorate from the Sorbonne University of Paris. However, he was also quite controversial due to his conservative political views, which might have had an impact in the fact that he never received the Nobel Prize in Literature despite being nominated for almost thirty years.

Thanks to the big variety of styles found in the original short stories, each episode possesses a unique narrative and visual treatment. Each episode contains a mystery to solve, an unknown, but also a code that makes it original and unique.

The stories in which Borges’ Fictions is based on are: “Death and the Compass”, “The Gospel According to Mark”, “Theme of the Traitor and the Hero”, “The Secret Miracle”, “The Form of the Sword”, “Emma Zunz”, “The Garden of Forking Paths”, “The Aleph”, “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”, and “The South”.



TOPICS: Suspense, Action, Secrets, Psychology, Crimes, Murder, Surrealism

GENRE: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy.

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