Breathing (La respiración)

For those who risk everything for love.

43-year-old Nagore is abandoned by her husband after many years of marriage for another woman. On the brink of depression, she begins her voyage to regain her self-esteem, rediscover her sexuality and, essentially, start her life over. Her mother, who has a very intense love (and sex) life, showers her with fruitful advice and is the catalyst for Nagore´s journey. It becomes a true adventure when she is introduced to a new group of friends, each with a very different perspective on love and sexuality. This is so much so that Nagore begins to live out very different and passionate situations with each of her new friends (including another woman). Consequently, this intensity forces her reality and her imagination to fuse and intermingle, turning Nagore´s life into a true tangled comedy.

In an attempt to bring order back into her life and resolve her confusion that came forth from these new relationships, the protagonist decides to call on all of her respective lovers to participate in an epic orgy.


RELEVANT DATA: Alfredo Sanzol is a renowned Spanish playwright and theater director. Currently, he combines his work as a playwright and stage director with that of Director of the Centro Dramático Nacional. In three occasions, he has received the Max de las Artes Escénicas Award. He was also granted the Valle-Inclán de Teatro Award and the Ceres al Mejor Autor Teatral Award. Breathing has been a total success, as was awarded the Max Award for best actress, along with the National Literature Award “for its structure of a plot that is both open and compact, with solid characters that evolve dramatically and move towards renewed sentimentality.”

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



THEMES: Change, Catharsis, Overcoming, Sex, Friendship, New life, Love, Family, In search of happiness, Marriage, Separation, Divorce.

GENRE: Comedy, Female-fiction.


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