Cannon Fodder (Carne de cañón)

The Most “Heavy Metal” Odyssey.


Yanira, Kilian, and El José are three inseparable siblings. Yanira is always imagining fights and battles with aliens and despicable beings; Kilian is the victim of his sister’s imagination; and El José, the youngest, is always glued to his battery-powered Casio keyboard, doesn’t say a word, and possibly has ASD.

They live in a humble neighborhood with their mother, a “choni” divorced from a nobody who does what she can to get them ahead. One day, while their mother is at work and they are home alone, Kilian hits his head, causing a hemorrhage. Yanira decides to ask for help from the “jevis,” the downstairs neighbors who smell weird. Quickly, they take the kids to the emergency room, not stopping smoking joints in the car.

Later, they do a ouija board session in a vacant lot with their friend Aitor and find the body of a junkie who turns out to be alive, scaring them to death. That same night, Yanira is visited in her dreams by the ghost of an altar boy who died falling into a ditch while fleeing from Father Luis, who was trying to abuse him.

The children grow up surrounded by ‘jevis,’ ‘junkies,’ and more than one ghost. They are exposed to violence, drugs, bullying, and a lack of resources. They are, however, quite happy in the complex reality of the neighborhood.



The novel received the Barcelona Comic Award for Best New Author, the Buero Award for Best Work, and a special mention from the jury for its educational work and youth involvement of the same awards. It was also a finalist in the awards granted by the Association of Critics and Disseminators of Comics (ACDCómic). With a markedly costumbrist tone, Aroha Travé’s work draws from comics and independent publications such as El Víbora magazine.


What the reviews say:

“Endearing, hilarious, brutal, and sincere.” Goodreads

“One of the best comics I’ve read so far! I laughed a lot and couldn’t help but feel tenderness towards the characters.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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