Five wheat spikes (Cinco espigas)

No one suspects that the best bakers in the neighborhood are criminals.

La Tahona is the typical trendy hipster bakery. Located on one of the best streets in the city, it is modern and has products for all intolerances. No one imagines that its owners are former criminals who met in jail.

It all started a decade ago, when Lola, better known as the Sergeant, and Sonia robbed an armored van. There were four of them and only three came out alive, with half a million euros in hand.

Lola and Sonia were sentenced to 10 years in prison. The police never found the money. Only they know where the loot is.

The prison’s baking classes become their only moment of peace, and there they meet their future partners Yvonne, Jimena, and Amira. After getting out of jail, the five friends come together with a common goal: to open a bakery with the stolen money and thus achieve a better life. But the past always returns…

Prison is still part of their lives. There, Sonia’s great love, Isabel, a girl wrongly convicted of drug trafficking, remains. Or Yvonne’s theater group, which maintains her delusions of grandeur despite her failed attempt to reach stardom. Also present are past problems, like Amira’s complicated relationship with her family, which still refuses to accept that she turned her back on Islam.

However, after the storm, there’s always calm: the success of the business, new loves, or Lola’s motherhood, but above all, the wonderful memories together.


RELEVANT DATA: Five Spikes is a heartfelt series about contemporary society and the judicial world. Through its protagonists, we face a world full of adversities, friendship, and overcoming that will make us shed quite a few tears and laugh more than once. Based on an idea by Curro Royo, the series was created by him and María Jaén.

Curro Royo is one of the most important showrunners in the Hispanic world. A writer on some of the most well-known series in the national scene, such as Médico de familia or Cuéntame cómo pasó, he is a winner of the Iris Award for Best Screenplay.

María Jaén is a Spanish writer and screenwriter. In addition to her numerous novels, she has worked as a screenwriter on successful series, such as Hernán, on various non-fiction programs, and on feature films like La Vampira de Barcelona.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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