She hates Christmas. He waits for her under the mistletoe.

Helena, a young woman in her twenties, has grown up between New York and Spain. When her parents separated, her mother, Carmen, moved to New York to open a bookstore, while Helena stayed in Spain with her father.

Almost a year after her mother’s death, Helena, deeply engulfed in grief, receives a plane ticket supposedly sent by her mother’s friend to travel to New York and continue her legacy: the Chapters bookstore, a renowned establishment in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Despite having to restart a business from scratch, Helena manages to reopen the bookstore successfully in no time. Christmas is approaching, so the store fills with customers eager to buy holiday readings. However, Helena despises romantic literature, particularly the work of Amelia Andersen, one of the best-selling authors during Christmas.

On the other hand, since settling in New York, Helena has started receiving mysterious correspondence: an unidentified sender is sending her excerpts from her mother’s diary about the days she started her life in New York without Helena and her father. Additionally, Helena discovers that the rent for the first year of the bookstore had been paid by a mysterious person. Furthermore, she still has to find out who sent her the plane ticket, as her mother’s friend who supposedly sent it denies doing so.

Everything changes when one day, a very handsome but very arrogant guy enters the bookstore asking for a book by Amelia Andersen. Helena and he have a brief disagreement when she tells him that she personally detests romantic literature, while he loves it.

Shortly after, to Helena’s surprise, Chapters is chosen by Amelia Andersen’s publisher for the presentation and promotion of the popular author’s latest book. Things get complicated when Helena discovers that Amelia is accompanied by her son Doyle, the handsome guy she had a disagreement with, and Helena can’t help but feel an irresistible attraction to him. Both will do everything possible to keep their relationship strictly professional, but the chemistry they feel is too powerful, and the professional relationship turns into a strong friendship, which leads to a relationship based on complicity and understanding, as Doyle becomes a fundamental support for Helena during her grief.

Both are surprised when, while at Doyle’s house, Helena discovers a photograph of Carmen, her mother, and Amelia posing together. Amelia confesses that Carmen and her had a romance long before Carmen met her father, but Amelia left her for another woman and broke her heart. The couple’s dream had been to open a bookstore, and when they separated, Carmen decided to open the bookstore anyway. When Carmen died, Amelia decided to keep the flame alive and organize everything for the bookstore to remain open.


RELEVANT FACTS: Andrea Izquierdo is a Spanish author. She has published a dozen books and has a strong presence on social media, accumulating tens of thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


Critics say:

“Andrea Izquierdo manages to get you hooked from the first paragraph in this story that grabs you and forces you to read the book almost in one sitting.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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