Devised Sin (Con pecado concebido)

There is nothing worse than an unwanted pregnancy. Especially when the baby is the antichrist.

From hell, an abject branch of the forces of evil with a lust for power decides to carry out a plot behind Satan’s back to spawn the antichrist on earth. And they decide to do it in Barcelona. It will not be a lucky day for Laura, who decides to go out drinking after being widowed. At the bar, she meets a charismatic man and, after a night of adventure, she becomes pregnant without knowing that in her womb she harbors the antichrist.

The legions of angels of heaven are mobilized to try to stop the end of the world, but God is on a spiritual retreat and his son does not feel like returning to earth. The only one left available is the Holy Spirit, although he will not be able to count on the help of Zeus or Anubis, already retired from religious affairs.

In the end they decide to fight back by bringing a new messiah to Earth, although they have a hard time finding a mother because there is no virgin left on Earth.

Finally, they choose Virginia, a theology student from Barcelona. St. Gabriel and the Holy Spirit descend to earth to locate the chosen mother but are attacked by evil assassins. Although they manage to survive, the haste caused by the attack makes them end up begetting the messiah in the wrong mother: Roxy, Virginia’s roommate and a very unvirtuous woman.

When Fede, leader of the forces of evil, learns that Heaven’s High Command has sent a messiah to earth, he disguises himself as the Virgin Mary to convince the Pope that Roxy is pregnant with an antichrist, so he can kill her.

The forces of good will have to circumvent the countless attempts of the abject axis of hell to avoid the apocalypse, although their clumsiness causes them to make constant mistakes.


RELEVANT DATA: Sergi Escolano is a Spanish author. He has worked as a scriptwriter for Spanish production company El Terrat and the Spanish radio station RTVE. He has collaborated in the famous newspaper El Jueves.


Devised Sin (Con pecado concebido) is a hilarious satirical comedy that has garnered critical acclaim:

“This novel is one surprise after another. It delivers the laughs just like a sitcom, and even seems to have a similar structure. If you like sitcoms, throw yourself upon it. However, beware, the book transforms as the reading progresses and when it seems to end…. Surprise!” Goodreads


The work has also been praised by authors such as Pablo Bueno:

“I loved it! Sergi has kept me smiling throughout the reading and I don’t remember having laughed so much with a book in a long time. He constantly attacks us with outlandish ideas, surreal reasoning, double meanings, and that very rich veneer of irreverence and criticism that we love so much when it’s well laced with humor.”


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and Catalan.

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