Two Ways of Writing a Novel in Manhattan (Dos formas de escribir una novela en Manhattan)

A novel romance.

iobhan Harris feels like a loser. She hates her job, can’t make ends meet, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. To console herself, she has her friends, Paige and Lena, and her account on WriteUp, a platform for budding authors. Despite her bad streak, Siobhan is a hopeless romantic who insists on seeing the bright side of things.

Her life takes a turn when, thanks to the stories she publishes online, she is contacted by Baxter Books, one of the largest publishing groups in the country. Just half a year later, she publishes her first romance novel, which becomes an unprecedented best-seller.

Marcel Dupont, whose pseudonym is Marcel Black, is a renowned noir author from the same publisher. No one knows who he is, as he protects his identity at all costs: he has never shown himself publicly and stays away from social media.

When Marcel’s latest novel flops, his agent convinces him to open a Twitter account under his pen name. He needs to appear more accessible and win back his readers.

The two authors clash when Letitia Wright, a major literary influencer, posts a photo of her latest acquisitions: a book by Siobhan and one by Marcel. Siobhan responds with gratitude, but Marcel, who despises the romance genre, replies indignantly. Thus begins what will be “The” fight of the year on social media: #CrimeOrRomance?

Taking advantage of the media attention from this digital encounter, the publisher decides to release a book written by both authors to demonstrate that noir and romance are compatible.

When Marcel and Siobhan meet in person, they realize two things. First, they get along even worse in real life. Second, they are hugely attracted to each other. Of course, neither is willing to admit it… However, they will soon learn that there’s a lot of truth in the saying “familiarity breeds affection.”

RELEVANT INFORMATION: Two Ways to Write a Novel in Manhattan, published in 2022, has been a huge success in Spain. Several editions in other languages are currently being prepared for this work, which has captivated thousands of readers and accumulated hundreds of reviews on social media.

Its protagonists are well-grounded and well-constructed. Moreover, their story is adaptable to any city in the world.

Carmen Sereno, winner of the CHIC Romantic Novel Award, describes a passionate slow-cooked love story that continues to be savored even after it ends.


Critical Reception:
“Characters full of intelligent, funny, and profound comments that make you drool, laugh, and reflect. A slow-burn romance that will be explosive when it reaches its peak.” – InfoLiteraria.

“It mixes sensuality, drama, irony, and humor with an overwhelming lightness. The characters are magnificently outlined. So different from each other and yet they fit so well that it seems almost impossible. The plot is grandiose, but the ending is outstanding.” – Pilar S.C.

“Two Ways to Write a Novel in Manhattan is a slow-cooked rom-com that you will enjoy from start to finish thanks to its characters, their little enmity, and their novel written with four hands. You will love it, no doubt.” – Laura Amaya.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.


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