Sleep, Town (Duerme, pueblo)

Who is afraid of the wolf?


In Barballo, a small village in northern Spain, the body of a local resident is found in the forest.

Thus begins a mystery that starts with the clergy and authorities accusing several local women to cover up their own crimes.

The first accused is the witch Flavia, but when another body is found shortly afterward that cannot be linked to her, they accuse Julia, a huntress with a dark past, and wife of Omid, the village butcher.

The mayor, Don Juárez, along with his massive bodyguard Ulises, and the priest Serafín, always accompanied by Roque, his loyal Labrador, discover a suspicious pair of werewolves living in the forest.

Like the eponymous game, while the villagers sleep, more murders occur, leading to a witch hunt.

The only person in the village who knows the truth is Audrey, an orphan girl rumored to be friends with the devil. The truth is, she only plays with the witch’s potions along with her friend Boniato, who ends up being another victim.

In this village inhabited by archetypes like the matchmaker, the village fool, the mayor, the lycanthropes, the witches, and a talking cat and crow, there are many hidden secrets, old grudges, and a dark truth.



The graphic novel, which has published several editions, is inspired by the board game of the same name “Sleep, Town,” where each player has a role in the village, such as neighbor, policeman, victim… or the wolf, who kills the villagers at night while they sleep.

The authors have experience as illustrators and creators of comics and fanzines with various awards.

Núria Tamarit has been recognized as one of the most promising graphic novel creators in the national scene by the jury of the Fundación Cine+Cómics awards. She also received the Santa Cruz Comic Award and the València Graphic Novel Award, among others.

Xulia Vicente has received the prestigious Ignatz Award in the Outstanding Comic category, as well as 1st prize in the Xuventude Crea competition, among others.


What the reviews say:

“A big surprise for someone like me who loves playing board and role-playing games! I was fascinated to slowly realize what was happening in this village.” Goodreads

“I love the illustrations, it’s a quick read, and it was an incredible return to childhood.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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