The Whim of Loving You (El capricho de amarte)

They never imagined falling in love with a woman.

Julie has always been calm, studious, and reserved. Her parents are highly recognized doctors who travel constantly, making her vital support Sergio, her driver and bodyguard, and Claudia, her chef and caretaker. Her goal has always been science and saving lives, and she sees the world in two colors: black or white.

Until she meets Sophia, the new girl at school. Sophia is motherless, expelled from 5 schools, likes singing, extreme sports, and parties. She has been Noah’s girlfriend for years, a motocross enthusiast, and her world includes all colors, both bright and dark.

Everything changes when Julie defends Sophia from classmates who bully her, but Sophia initially shies away from her. It’s not until they meet at a concert that their eyes lock and the attraction becomes evident. Neither of them believed they could be attracted to a woman before, and Sophia struggles against the attraction because she is in love with Noah… or so she thinks. Soon, she realizes that Julie is like a magnet to her.

Julie will want to save Sophia from herself but will eventually realize that it is Sophia who ends up saving her and showing her a world that was alien to her.

Thus unfolds this story of love, discovery, and passion where both will heal their past wounds and fight against the current to find a common future.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Whim of Loving You is an LGBTQ+ romantic novel with erotic hues set in Mexico that has captivated the community, generated a strong fanbase, and become a best-seller in the Spanish-speaking world. The book is ideal for Film, contains all the elements to become a successful content bet for platforms backed by an author who exceeds one million followers on Instagram.

The author is one of the most followed voices on online reading platforms. She is currently the editor and director of the non-profit foundation Tierra Nueva, which attends to street children.

What the critics have said:

“Love in Four Seasons”, the second book by Nacarid, gave her international recognition, becoming one of the best-sellers for this year.” Telemedellín ”

As an author, she has harvested millions of followers on social media, who are part of the editorial phenomenon generated by so-called youth literature. Literature not only saved Nacarid Portal but also elevated her.” Perú21 “It is not a risk for me to say that we are before a literary phenomenon of those that are rarely seen in Latin America.” Liberando Letras

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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