The invisible place (El lugar invisible)

A malevolent presence survives through human sacrifices.


Gracia is a middle-aged nurse who has just lost her mother. Tormented by memories of her mother and unable to overcome the loss, she decides to move away from the city to a Galician village called Tiebana, accompanied by little Estela, whom her cousin Maite has asked her to take care of.

Upon arriving in the village, Gracia begins to care for Vera, an elderly woman bedridden for years. They stay at Pazo Inanis, the large house belonging to the elderly woman, surrounded by nature, where the housekeeper Ángela and her two sons also live.

The first few days pass normally: Ángela cares for them with affection, and Gracia begins a relationship with Marcos, the older son. But soon Estela becomes suspicious when Samuel, a boy in her class who also doesn’t fit in, shows her some caves where sacrifices used to be made and tells her about the Muller, a demon woman who captures the souls of the deceased to return them to life through newborns in her own family.

Unaware of this information, Gracia discovers the great respect the villagers have for Vera’s house, eventually learning that the inhabitants of Tiebana form a sect that carries out sinister rituals to achieve eternal life and save their loved ones from death.

Thus, the Pazo becomes an increasingly terrifying and hostile place for them. They find out that the legend of the Muller is real and now inhabits the body of the elderly Vera. Ángela is the priestess who controls her, and the relationship with Marcos is a pretext to keep them there since they have chosen one of them to become the host for the spirit.

When Gracia plans to flee the village, Estela disappears. Maite arrives in the village to help search for her while the rest of the village pursues them as Vera’s imminent death approaches.

They eventually find Estela, but the Muller takes over Gracia and causes a fire in which she and the sect leaders perish.

Months later, Maite and Estela return to the village, and the girl sees her aunt’s spirit: now she is in a place where she is no longer in danger.



The novel has received the Jury Prize at the Terramur Festival and was a finalist for the Druida Novel Prize.

Reviews are very positive, with readers highlighting the well-constructed tone and tension of the novel, making it ideal for audiovisual adaptation and for fans of horror and suspense.


What the critics say:

“Reading ‘The Invisible Place’ was like watching a good Spanish horror movie in the vein of ‘The Orphanage,’ ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ or ‘Darkness’.” Goodreads

“While reading it, chills ran down my spine. It was impossible not to think of movies like ‘The Wicker Man’ or ‘Who Can Kill a Child?’.” Goodreads

“A book that plays with the psychological, with the most human horror, with a brilliant ability to leave you wondering what will happen next.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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