From Soulcial, with Love? (Desde Soulcial ¿con amor?)

The dating algorithm that never fails.

Soulcial is the new trendy app that finds your soul mate, organizing your dates in its very own venues. The algorithm always gets it right… well, not exactly. It identifies all your characteristics to match you with your most compatible partner, that’s for sure. But sometimes opposites attract, and when chemistry outweighs the logic of the data, problems begin to arise.

Our three protagonists are registered on this app. Inma is a young journalist interning at a magazine who has ended up at Soulcial because her boss asked her to write an article about the app. And although online dating is not exactly her “thing”, truth be told she finds it a real torture, she needs to write a spectacular article to get hired by the magazine. Oliver is a Master’s student who thinks Soulcial is his last option to stop his love life from being a disaster. Kat is a tattoo artist who just wants to have a good time with no strings attached sex.

Inma has a first date, but she gets stood up, and by chance she meets Kat, who was expecting another date. Both are attracted to each other from the beginning, and this first and unexpected date ends in sex. But Kat, due to her fear of commitment, decides to let the app’s algorithm decide whether or not they get together again. That day never comes.

Inma writes an article that stirs up the social networks about her date with Kat. She can’t stop thinking about her and she is furious about the fact that she “ghosted” her. Meanwhile, the app matches Inma with Oliver, a guy with whom she has a 99% compatibility rate, but Oliver has always been bad at love. So much so, he doesn’t even realize that Diego, his best friend and roommate, has always been madly in love with him.

The app still doesn’t bring Kat and Inma together, but they keep bumping into each other at Soulcial’s meeting points.  Despite Kat’s fear of commitment, she decides to give Inma a chance. Oliver loves Inma, but only as a friend, and decides to meet a mysterious guy with whom the app has set him up. After weeks of talking, Diego finally confesses that he is the mysterious guy and Oliver, realizing that love was closer than he thought, decides to take a chance on this romance.


RELEVANT DATA: Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual are two of Spain’s most popular new voices specializing in contemporary young adult literature. In social networks they have a powerful community of followers that continues to grow. The authors were selected in the cultural magazine Babelia (El País) as “one of the Best Young Adult Reads of the Year”. They were also awarded the Templis Award for Best National Novel Belonging to Saga and were finalists several times for the same award and for Best Independent National Novel Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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