Good Sisters (Buenas Hermanas)

The “perfect” March sisters hide a huge secret.  

Concord city is governed by an oppressive regime (much like in Orwell’s 1984). A society with steampunk aesthetics, with contemporary technology, and nineteenth-century habits. Of “Little Women”. In Concord everyone “must” be happy.

Having the “good citizen” recognition promotes the protection of each individual by the government. To guarantee the comfort of all the citizens, they are permanently watched by cameras and they regularly go through the confession ritual: if anyone infringes the laws of good conduct, depending on the severity of the infringement,  the citizen can be punished in different ways. Punishments range from a simple confession in public; going to war (a fake one, constructed by the government, in fact, as the offenders actually go to a concentration camp from where nobody comes back. This happened to Mr. March), or being sentenced to voluntary suicide.

The citizens are distributed in the city according to their loyalty to the government; the most obedient live closer to the city center and the ones who do not strictly follow the rules live in the outskirts.

The March family is one of the most important families in the Concord society. Three sisters, between 15 and 19 (Meg, Jo and Amy) follow the rules of the government very closely. Or that is the image they give to their neighbors. Jo is the most independent, she works in the propaganda department of the government. Amy is the most ambitious, she dreams of being a painter and works making propaganda posters for the regime. Jo and Amy are both united by their disagreement towards the government rules and they both start to question the abusive system that has existed and rules they live in since immemorial times.

Their lovely neighbor Laurie infiltrates in the March house (asked by his uncle James Laurence) to spy on the exemplary sisters. And, indeed, the good sisters hide a big sin: they keep Beth hidden, the fourth sister who has a terminal illness. They cannot make her public because the government would take her away as they do with any other person who is not perfectly healthy.

After going through some difficulties between Laurie and the sisters, Jo and Amy go on different paths with the only goal of destroying the totalitarian system governing Concord. Jo will join one of the revolutionary groups, with the help of aunt March, one of the main authorities of the city.

Good Sisters will continue in a second installment with the story of Amy and Jo trying to face and dismantle the totalitarian government of Concord.


RELEVANT DATA: Costa Alcalá, the authors of The second Revolution, present Good sisters as the retelling of Little women, happening in 1984 universe. Strongly praised by the critics and readers, due to the request by their fans, Costa Alcalá are already preparing the second part of Good sisters, focused on Jo and Amy evolution, as leaders of the rebellion against the Concord government.

Good Sisters has a dystopic plot for young adults which will be hugely appreciated by fans of Hunger games or Handmaid’s tale.

Costa Alcalá have been awarded with Kelvin Award 505 to best Fantasy Young Adult novel, Celsius Award to the best Young Adult novel and El templo de las Mil Puertas Award to best saga novel, among many others.


What the critics have said:

“I find brilliant the idea of a retelling of Little women I loved this story from the beginning”. Goodreads.

“One of the aspects that I love the most is the complex universe created by its authors, showing a perfectly built completely terrifying totalitarian society”. Vorágine interna.

“Costa Alcalá have done an excellent job constructing the Concord society and the world surrounding the March sisters, making them perfect characters to be placed in a dystopic world. (…) That end invites to a second part.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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